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The decision to initiate therapy can be a difficult one - beginning the process of reflecting on your experiences, feelings, and behaviors can seem overwhelming. I view therapy as a tool not only to address disruptive symptoms during challenging times in life, but also as a means of increasing insight into self and enhancing relationships with others.

Areas of expertise:

Depressive, bipolar and anxiety disorders

Relationships between adolescents and their parents

Young adulthood and college transitions

Families working through divorce

Issues unique to adolescent and adult only children

I utilize a mindfulness-informed approach to therapy and incorporate family systems (looking at how roles and relationships within families impact individuals and the system as a whole) and cognitive-behavioral (modifying patterns relating to thoughts, emotions, and behaviors) theories. My approach is also informed by Buddhist philosophy, Jungian concepts and intersectional theory.

Psychotherapy requires a willingness to reflect on your life and make change. In doing so, the possibilities of feeling more in control, replacing negativity with a sense of peace, and having more fulfilling relationships can emerge.

Siblings Playing Together

Family Mediation & Divorce Services

The Child Specialist is a unique role that blends the expertise of a licensed mental health professional with the skills of a family mediator. I work alongside lawyer mediators to provide comprehensive services to families as they move through the divorce process.  


After an introductory session with parents, I meet with children to provide them a place to voice their concerns and worries related to help ensure their needs remain at the heart of all decisions.  Parents are then assisted in identifying options and negotiating differences as they work together towards solutions that support their children’s adjustment to the changes in the family. Co-parenting plans are developed and then submitted as part of the martial settlement agreement through collaboration with an attorney.


The goal of the process is to minimize the negative impact of the divorce on children and begin a path of moving forward in the healthiest way possible for all.

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